Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Around the Word

No dough for Huffpo, yes or no? With all the harrumphing in the media universe about whether the unpaid bloggers at Huffington Post are being exploited or not, a team of researchers at UC Santa Barbara has decided to finally ask the bloggers themselves. As Forbes reports today, the Santa Barbarians have launched a survey of Huffpo regulars to find out why they do what they do -- and if they now want a share of that cool $300 million the site made in the recent sale to AOL.

The Justin Bieber-ing of politics: Politico takes on the hot political literary trend of "premature memorization," looking at the growing number of political memoirs being written by relative neophytes like Scott Brown, Christine O'Donnell and Rand Paul before they are even sworn into office.

eBook 2.0: GalleyCat gives us a preview of one of the latest greatest innovations in eBooks -- a cool new app that enables readers to mark up the text, copy and save passages, and tweet with a book title's hashtag without every navigating away from the digital text.

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