Monday, November 19, 2012

Around the Post-Sandy Word

It's been a "dark and stormy" couple of weeks, to say the least. We hope everyone on the East Coast made it through Sandy and the nor'easter safe and sound, and we're sending wishes of a speedy recovery to those who are still getting back on their feet.

The storm and its aftermath have been difficult for everyone affected, but figuring out the "What now?" can be particularly frustrating for freelancers. Here's a list of some links to storm-related resources for the self-employed from Freelancers Union, Monmouth Arts Council, and Greene County Council for Arts.

For many, the storm provided an opportunity for reflection. The site Freelancer Switch discusses the need for those who are self-employed to think ahead. The blog $200K Freelancer has some thoughts on coping and ways to plan for future (very) rainy days. And Freelance Life took stock of what Sandy taught us about our dependence on and the vulnerability of so many of the technologies we take for granted. 

While we're relieved that many of NYC's independent bookstores made it through the storms relatively unscathed, unfortunately powerHouse Books in Dumbo sustained serious damage. Luckily, the owners of fellow Brooklyn bookstore Greenlight Books, located in the in the almost untouched neighborhood of Ft. Greene, came to the rescue and are continuing to help powerHouse get back on track.

Similar acts of generosity have rippled throughout NY's literary communities since the storm. MediaBistro published a roundup of some of these (with links for those looking to lend a hand). Publishers like Scholastic, which has pledged millions to assist storm-damaged school libraries, are also pitching in.

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