Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Takei To-Do (Take One)

In case you missed it, a journalist named Rick Polito recently created a minor media sensation—and some great discussion fodder for our field—when he casually outed himself as a ghostwriter for George Takei's highly popular Facebook page.

Yesterday Polito apologized for spilling the beans, and the former Mr. Sulu issued a statement essentially asking what's the big deal. But Polito's actions nevertheless raise some interesting ethical questions for the ghosting community. Did he cross a line by revealing his work under Takei's name and taking credit for it? Or does Takei's reaction indicate otherwise? More broadly, are there different rules and expectations for ghosting social media blurbs versus long-form content?

We've invited our network of network of pros to boldly go where no ghost has gone before on this subject and offer their views on the Takei To-Do. We'll share the results of our poll here in the next few days.

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