Thursday, March 20, 2014

Insider Stories from Ghostwriter Sari Botton

In a recent interview on the digital magazine Scratch, ghostwriter and GG pal Sari Botton talks at length about the joys and struggles of being a ghost in a today's unpredictable market.

Botton talks about the mix of good and bad deals she's landed over the years. She says, "Ghostwriting is a job—one I wouldn’t do if I didn’t need the money. Like any job, it has its pros and cons, its ups and downs—lots of freedom, the satisfaction of helping someone tell their own story; but also, frequently, having to handle intense personalities with kid gloves.” From being fired yet earning more than $100,000 in a year, to writing a New York Times bestseller for no royalties or credit and getting a lawsuit instead, Botton recounts some of her most memorably difficult projects.

Despite the trials, Botton refuses to quit. She writes, “For every bad client, there’s also an instance of grace—mostly people grateful for my ability to help them express themselves, even if their books haven’t been blockbusters…like helping an author’s daughter, who had severe learning disabilities, write an afterword that made her feel proud.”

In an associated community post on Scratch called "So, You Still Want to Be a Ghostwriter," Botton offers advice to fellow ghostwriters on how to protect yourself contractually, how to maintain realistic timeline expectations, and why to keep your agent your best hidden secret. Botton also acknowledges Gotham Ghostwriters as a great source for ghostwriting gigs. (Thanks, Sari!)

Read the full interview here.

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