Monday, April 28, 2008

The WORD Is Out. . .

Introducing Gotham Ghostwriters
New York's Only World-Class, Full-Service Writing Firm

Gotham Ghostwriters was formed to fill a significant void in the communications marketplace. New York is the media and idea capital of the world, jam-packed with global players and high-end PR firms. But there is no one reliable place to turn to for world-class, sophisticated writing — the kind of craft that stirs conversations and seals deals.

To meet this need, we have assembled a diverse and distinguished team of more than a dozen top professional writers. They come with extensive experience in private industry and public life: Our writers have worked for Fortune 100 CEOs, U.S. presidents, and global foundations; they have written on just about every market and issue in the public eye; and they have mastered practically every format in use today.

Our focus will be on serving clients in New York and across the country who work in the thought leadership arena — major corporations, foundations, advocacy groups, and campaigns that aspire to stand out and spur change. That is to say, clients who are seeking to go beyond the worn clich├ęs and pat answers to shape public debates, change public opinion, and ultimately give their brands the distinctive richness and crispness of a trendsetter.

We will specialize in longer form writing — speeches, books, white papers, corporate reports, congressional testimony — as well as handling op-eds and the occasional doctoring project. But what we will really be offering are winning arguments and defining moments. Give us your core mission and message, and we will help you translate them into influence and prestige.

That is what we at Gotham Ghostwriters excel at — not simply putting words in a speaker's mouth, but planting ideas in a listener's mind.

If you think we can be helpful to your company or cause, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email (see below). And if you know others who might be interested in our services, please share our website address with them.

The word is out — and we're ready to write.

Gotham Ghostwriters
641 Sixth Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10011
212-871-8244 (O)
212-871-8101 (F)

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