Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's On: State of the Union Blog-A-Thon

Today we're launching a special series on the BloGG previewing Wednesday's State of the Union Address — or as we like to call it, the speechwriters' Super Bowl. 

We have invited speechwriting pros of all political persuasions to chime in with their thoughts on what President Obama should or shouldn't say in his maiden SOTU, offer some historical perspective, or just join in the general kibbitzing.  We'll be posting their responses throughout today and all day Wednesday up to speech time.

We will also be posting links to other pre-speech commentaries and reports that we think are worth sharing.

We hope you will join the conversation.  As they say about voting in Chicago, please feel free to comment early and often on any of the posts that pique your interest or interest your pique.

Let the speechifying begin!

P.S.  We will be continuing the conservation Wednesday night with live commentary throughout the speech.  You can sign up to participate on our Facebook page

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