Thursday, January 28, 2010

SOTU Post-Mortem Round-Up

If you have not yet gotten your fix of SOTU analysis, here is a sampling of day-after commentary from around the Web that we thought worth sharing:
  • Ace Washington Post political report Dan Balz writes that judging Obama's speech requires two measuring sticks. 
  • The Post also has short-takes from a number of pundits and speechwriters.
  • Democracy Corps finds that much of Obama's economic message resonated with the swing voters it focus-grouped in Nevada.
  • DLC President Bruce Reed praises Obama's calm and calls governing "the best revenge."
  • Pete Wehner, a senior advisor in the Bush White House, bemoans what he calls a "self-referential State of the Union."
  • Jonathan Chait of the New Republic calls the speech "dull, cheap, and successful."


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