Thursday, February 11, 2010

Featured Writer: John Avlon

For all you political junkies, be on the lookout for a provocative new book out this week by Gotham friend and former Giuliani speechwriter John Avlon called Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America.
John is one of the most astute political observers around (you may have seen him on CNN, where he is a regular analyst).  His last book, the nationally-acclaimed Independent Nation, pre-saged the amazing growth of the unaligned voter and to some extent the Tea Party movement.

With Wingnuts, John takes an unsparing look at the outbreak of extremism in the opening of the Obama administration – from the unprecedented government spending that spurred the Tea Party protests to the onset of Obama Derangement Syndrome.  It explains how hate-fueled rumors take hold (one section is called “How Obama Became Hitler, a Communist and the Antichrist”), examines the ‘hunt for heretics’ that is taking place inside both parties, looks at the growth of the “Hatriot” movement and details the rise of increasingly hyper-partisan media.

The book will be officially out in bookstores next week.  But it is already available on Amazon.


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