Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Introducing Gotham Bookwriters

Have you noticed how you can't seem to swing a dead tree these days without hitting someone who wants to write a book?

We sure have. Ever since we went into business three years ago, we have had a front-row seat to the growing democratization of the publishing world and the amazing new opportunities opening up for all kinds of would-be authors.

Ambitious CEOs who want to market their secret managerial sauce and enhance their image. Relationship experts who are sure they have the next He's Just Not That Into You in them. Ordinary people who feel a calling to share the extraordinary things they have done.

The people we hear from have a thousand different ideas and experiences. But when it comes to putting potential to paper, they all seem to have the same story--and it's a mystery.

How do I get started? What kind of writer is right for me? Where can I find an agent?

We know from fielding these kinds of questions on a daily basis just how intimidating and even impenetrable the publishing process can be. So we created a division within our company that is dedicated to making the task of crafting a book easy and accessible for the aspiring author in all of us.

We have spent the last year building a deep, diverse stable of more than 100 elite wordsmiths and refining our broad suite of services, so we can take clients from origination all the way to publication.

With all our ghosts in a row, today we are proud to announce the formal launch of GOTHAM BOOKWRITERS--a one-stop solution for anyone and everyone who needs help telling and selling their stories.

Whether you have a Times best seller in the making, or a personal journey worth relating, our group will help you get the most bang for your book. Among other things, we can:
  • Custom match specific writers with specific projects, based on experience and expertise
  • Bring in an outside editor to fine-tune a proposal and/or manuscript
  • Tap a book doctor to rescue a stalled manuscript from the slush pile
  • Copyedit materials to ensure they are letter-perfect before submission
  • Connect authors with agents who specialize in their book’s genre
  • Advise clients on the right publishing platform for their work
We can invite you to learn more about the latest addition to the Gotham family on our new Bookwriters page.

Our promise: If you can dream it, we can write it.

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