Friday, February 25, 2011

Oscar Speech Mad Libbing

With the president's State of the Union address out of the way, some of us speech junkies will be turning to this Sunday's Academy Award ceremony for our next fix of high-profile speechifying. Except in this case, it's more like watching a Dior-driven NASCAR race and waiting through the usual Oscar thank-a-thon for a rhetorical wreck to happen.

Last year, with new rules put in place to limit the length of the acceptance speeches, we had mildly elevated hopes that there would less droning and maybe just maybe a little more drama. We were all set to really, really like a star or two who would dare to say something thoughtful, inspiring -- or at least uncanned. Instead, for the most part we got the same gratitudinal laundry lists, just a little shorter and/or spoken somewhat faster. Not even one memorable word-drobe malfunction.

Is there any chance this year be any different? Well, the Washington Post sure doesn't think so. Suggesting that Sunday's speeches will be even more predictable than this year's one-sided Best Actor and Actress contests, the paper's Celebritology page offered readers a handy Speech Generator tool to help fill out the rote remarks we can expect from favorites Colin Firth ("Kings Speech") and Natalie Portman ("Black Swan").

Check out these Mad Libs for movie stars and let us know what you come up with -- we're guessing it will at least be more fun than the speeches we hear on Sunday.

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