Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Kardashian Name Game

As you may have noticed, we have been taking a brief break from our regular perusing of the Word Wide Web while we've been preparing for our free workshop Tuesday night and attending BEA. But we felt we had no choice but to interrupt our interlude when we saw the following, too-good-to-be-bad headline on Publishers Marketplace this afternoon:

The Kardashians Are "Writing" A Novel, Together, and Fans Can Help Title It

We were not sure what was more shocking/amusing about this news -- that the first sisters of reality TV were being paid handsomely to pen a piece of fiction, or that they were inviting the Twitterverse to submit names for the book as part of a contest (first prize is a "walk-on role" in the novel). Who knew these special K's were as gluttonous for punishment as they are for attention generally?

If you'd like to enter, here are the instructions provided by the publisher:
Follow @HarperCollins.
Tweet your 2- or 3-word title suggestion in ALL CAPS.
Use the hashtag #TitleMeK.
(Deadline is May 27 at 12 noon)
We literally can't wait to keep up with the comedic entries this will inspire. So we invite our friends to chime in with their suggestions in the comments section below. We'll get the ball rolling with Gotham President Dan Gerstein's blue ribbon submission: FROM HERE TO PATERNITY.


Gotham Ghostwriters said...

One of our writers submitted this aptly ample collection of entries:

Are You There Camera? It's Me Kardashian

Whitened Teeth

To Shill A Mockingbird

An American Tragicomedy

Lay It As It Plays: Or How To Bed An Athlete (power forward by Lamar Odom)

Naked Lunch, Breakfast, and Dinner

Lack of Atonement

A Green Room of One's Own

The Surgical Corrections

Boring Liaisons

Light in Ughist

kzukus said...


Anonymous said...

The Lion, The Witch and the Skank.

ted said...

Reality TV Ate my Baby

kreisler said...

Three Babies and No Men

Wanted: Fourth Horseman

Keeping Up with The Apocalypse

16th Minute of Fame

Gotham Ghostwriters said...

Another classic entry from one of our writers: Remembrance of Thongs Past

June Carter Peep said...

Booties, Bentleys and Bedlam.

Alli said...

Nothing Butt Love: the Life and Times of Kourtney, Kim and Khloe