Friday, June 3, 2011

Highlights of the Kardashian Name Game

Thanks to all our friends who sent us their entries for the Kardashian Name Game, our mock version of the contest that the Special K sisters are running to title their soon-to-be released novel. As promised, here is a list of our favorite submissions (most of which were submitted anonymously), with the gold(digger) medal winner at the bottom.

Tweet, Play, Loaf
-- Mike Spoodis

For Whom the Cellphone Texts
-- Tom Teichoz

Three Babies and No Men
-- Jeff Kreisler

Nothing Butt Love
-- Anonymous

Remembrance of Thongs Past
-- Anonymous

Are You There Camera? It's Me Kardashian
-- Anonymous

Lay It As It Plays: Or How To Bed An Athlete (power forward by Lamar Odom)
-- Anonymous

Naked Lunch, Breakfast, and Dinner
-- Anonymous

Lack of Atonement
-- Anonymous

A Green Room of One's Own
 -- Anonymous

And the gold(digger) medal goes to. . . .

To Shill A Mockingbird
-- Anoynmous

P.S. To update you on the real contest, Harper Collins has selected five finalists and is asking fans to choose the winner from among them. Alas, none of our submissions made the cut. But if you're still interested, you can vote here.

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