Monday, April 22, 2013

GG's Oriana Leckert Featured on Publishing Trends

We're proud to share a recent article from Publishing Trends, a site that examines the rapidly changing industry, which features advice from GG's Director of Operations, Oriana Leckert.

"How to Get Your Second Job in Publishing" surveys a variety of publishing professionals, discussing ways to move upward and onward as you navigate the early stages of your career. Oriana shared experiences from her own early days, describing a promotion as a result of her department's reorganization, which allowed her to show that she was capable and up to the challenge.

In addition to the feature article, sister site Publishing Trendsetters, the industry's gathering spot for young publishing pros, has excerpted and elaborated on quotes from the piece in "Your Next Job in Publishing: Sage Advice from Across the Industry."

"You may not realize the ways a job will help your career until later," Oriana says. "Think about ways to craft your narrative: how to tell the story of the work you've done and why. That way, even if it feels like you're taking a detour at the time, you can convince people later that you did it on purpose."

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