Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ghostwriters Unite! Conference Features Dan Gerstein

Next weekend, ghostwriters from across the country will descend on Long Beach, CA for Ghostwriters Unite!, the first-ever conference of its kind, and Gotham President Dan Gerstein will be among the esteemed faculty.

The conference brings together ghostwriters and industry professionals to cover a wide range of creative and business topics, including client management, ethics, and much more. Panel sessions like "The Trust Issue," "Ghostwriting vs. Collaborating," and "Dealing with 'Crazy'" will prepare ghosts for just about anything they might encounter in the collaborative writing world.

Dan will be on hand to share insights from his years of experience running a successful ghostwriting firm. He'll also be a part of the "All-Star State of the Industry Panel" that wraps up the conference. Gotham writers John Kador and Sally Collings will be among the weekend's presenters as well.

This is a great opportunity for ghostwriters to talk shop, pick up tips from the top practitioners of the craft, and kibbitz with their fellow ghosts. Head over to Ghostwriters Unite! to learn more about the conference and register to go.

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M. Rutledge McCall said...

As I live just up the freeway in Marina del Rey, I would love to attend. But Gotham is keeping me too busy, thank God--and Dan and Oriana. Have fun! -M. Rutledge McCall