Monday, June 16, 2014

Around the Word

Last week, Suzi LeVine became the first US Ambassador to be sworn in using a kindle. An eBook edition of the US constitution was used.

Neil Gaiman is next to lead the WSJ book club with 13 Clocks, "a 1950 fairy tale by the late humor writer James Thurber." You can purchase it here, or, better yet, follow Gaiman's own advice: "I don't think that anything matches the experience of going into a good independent bookshop."

After 32 years of working with Penguin, Norman Lidofsky will be retiring at the end of 2014 as the Penguin Random House President, Director of paperback sales. More information here.

The Fault in Our Stars movie took in $48.2 million its opening weekend. One reason this is so impressive is that only $30 million was spent on marketing—half of what studios generally spend. Instead, they've put their efforts into social media, engaging with the fans directly. Looking for more novels in the same light? Vulture rounds up 7 books reminiscent of John Green’s bestseller.

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