Thursday, August 19, 2010

Schmear Campaign

Here's a classic only-in-New York story — and one that's catnip for language mavens and Starbucks haters everywhere. 

Our new hero is Columbia Ph.D. Lynne Rosenthal.  As the New York Post reported earlier this week, Rosenthal lost it when she was forced to answer whether she wanted cream cheese or butter on the plain bagel she ordered at the Starbucks on West 86th and Columbus.  She told off the barista so vociferously that the cops were called and ended up escorting her out off the premises.  This is apparently not Rosenthal's first run-in with the Starbuccaneers — she is known to routinely protest the coffeehouse's kooky size system by ordering "smalls" instead of "talls." 

We were all ready to mobilize a Let Lynne Loose campaign, but alas, she did not have to go to the grande house.

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