Monday, September 13, 2010

Around the Word

We're suiting up for Monday with some wise words for our friends on the corporate side:
  • Marketing content may not grow on trees.  But it does often sprout in oft-ignored alcoves of the company, advises marketing director Jennifer Watson.  What rich soil have you overlooked?  Revisit your firm's Proposal Department, check in on the Call Center, and take a trip to the Operations Department.  Social media savvy, according to Watson, also builds relationships: brand ambassadors should mold their sales message into presentations, white papers, webcasts, corporate blogs and Twitter feeds.
  • For those of you having trouble readjusting to the daily dose of information overload after the summer slowdown, The Positivity Blog has a few helpful tips to lift your spirits—and cut down on excess information that drags you into the web of alarmist opinions and bickering threads online. Author Henrik Edberg encourages you to take a closer look at your information diet and consider how it affects your thought patterns. We're curious to hear your take: is mindful consumption difficult these days? What are your methods for vetting information?

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