Thursday, September 16, 2010

Around the Word

Today the BloGG is getting freaky and geeking out:
  • If you write freelance, you often tackle niche topics that the general public may find, well, boring.  Fuel from Copyblogger's freakonomics can turn a no-go into a showboat.  Embolden your titles, irrigate dry facts with storytelling and back up stories with hard numbers.  What are your techniques for letting your writerly light shine?
  • It's eight days away, but never too early to start celebrating National Punctuation Day.  Though the BloGG is resisting the temptation to sport comma-shaped sunglasses, we're geeking out a little, too.  The Word columnist Jan Freeman explores the grammatical jungle, keeping her binoculars trained on endangered comma uses.  She emerges with some refreshing advice: don't mind the signposts, some rules are there to be broken.
  • Twitter-sightings galore!  New Yorker writer Susan Orlean says her gradual climb into the Twittersphere has honed her editing and helped her keep in touch with her fans.  She uses the feed to help fans understand how her stories are built and reported.   Tweeters: as you enjoy Twitter's makeover and zazzy new logo, let us know your thoughts on Orlean's experiences.

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