Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Around the Word

Catching up on summer web surfing, we found some sound advice for buffing up nonprofit and corporate marketing pitches, which we thought worth sharing:
  • Writing in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, community developer Elizabeth Ortiz cries revolution against "tyrannical" feel-good jargon that undermines good intentions and effective advocacy in nonprofit work.  Three despots to overthrow?  "Impactful," "transformative" and "innovative."  (Hat tip to Gotham friend Shaina Gopen for passing this on).
  • On the corporate side, DH Communications President Dianna Huff shares experience-based tips on how to get the most bang for your marketing content buck.  For those on a trim budget, Huff advises streamlining mailings and white papers, plus savvy ways to direct website traffic and customize brochures using Print-On-Demand.  Have any of these methods worked for you?

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