Thursday, May 27, 2010

Around the Word

With the long weekend near, we decided to stock up on these writerly wisdoms...
  • Men with Pens acknowledges the importance of self-discipline, but urges writers to not turn into cold, slogging automatons -- stay in touch with what you love about the process, be it the storytelling aspect, the ability to birth images, or just how much more eloquent you are on the page. What is your favorite part of writing?
  • Ragan explores the phenomenon of vanity capitalization, a rampant offense in the PR world. Their conclusion? If it's not a proper noun, Platonic ideal, or a noun in German, keep it lowercase
  • Strategic communications expert Denise Graveline discovers some striking similarities between learning the guitar and public speaking. Both require diving in headfirst, ignoring the pressure to impress, and a lot of practice

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