Thursday, July 1, 2010

Around the Word

Today we turn to a few PR pros for some content-centric insight...
  • Search and PR specialist Adam Sherk showcases his research into the most overused marketing speak today. From "leader" to "unique" (I mean, aren't we all?), Sherk runs through the top tired 86 buzzwords found in press releases over the last 5 years
  • PR pro Christina Khoury lets us in on the tips she offers clients before a ten minute media interview. Our top picks? Knowing the outlet and host, smiling for a more inviting voice, and limiting product mentions to two times
  • Marketing and New Media Leader Christopher S. Penn urges companies and organization that are struggling to come up with new material for their networks to hit the archives.   Not only is there useful content collecting dust that can be repackaged or repurposed, but today's technology can reinvigorate it.

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