Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gotham Goes To The Oscars: Live Chat and More

We got such a great response to our State of the Union live commentary that we're planning a sequel for the country's next great speechfest — this Sunday's Oscar show.

Over the next couple days, our speechwriters will be online to make their predictions about which stars will shine and who will flop in their acceptance remarks, as well as a few speechy tips for the big award winners. Then during the show Sunday night, they will be offering running reviews and commentary in a live chat on Twitter.

We hope you will show that you really, really like us (h/t Sally Field) by joining in the conversation. Extra points if you can translate James Cameron's speech from Nav'i into English.

Here's how you can be part of the festivities:

BLOGG POLL: To kick things off, we will be posting a preview poll today asking who will be the big winners and losers in best Oscar speech category. Feel free to weigh in with your picks in the comments section.

FACEBOOK: The easiest way to join the conversation is to sign up for our Facebook event page, which you can find here.

TWEETCHAT: We have set up a dedicated chat room on Twitter for the show Sunday night. You can follow the hashtag #oscarspeeches. Or just jump into the conversation here.

Who will be this year's Oscar tearjerker? Who will be the obnoxious jerk? Tune in, find out, and tell us.

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