Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gotham's Oscar Speech Poll

In the grand tradition of the Oscar pool, we thought it would be fun to poll our friends in the writing community about who they think will be in the big winners and losers in the acceptance speech derby Sunday night.

Before you submit your nominees, a quick programming note.  To shorten the Oscar broadcast this year, the show's producers have banished the usual tiresome "thank you" litanies to backstage.  So count on Sunday's speeches to be crisper and at least slightly meatier.

With that, here are the categories.  Feel free to submit your nominees below in the comments section. Or you can email them to us at:

Best performance by a winner you have never heard of:
Which obscure statue-grabber will make a name for themselves with a memorable speech moment?

Worst performance by a winner everyone has heard of:
Which A-list star will go the furthest in making a fool of themselves?

Fastest Hook in the West Award:
Which speech rambler will be the first to get awkwardly cut off and shooed away by the time cops?

Best Original Wordplay:
Which quipster will come off with the most witty line of the night?

The Sean Penn Memorial Political Tirade Award:
Which crusading celeb will go on the most inappropriate jag for their pet cause?

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